Bits & Baubles for Free-Spirited Weirdos

We are a tiny band of traveling artisans, peddling our handmade wares at comic and anime conventions across America. You can normally find us in the Artist Alley behind a wall of bows, humming a pirate shanty or two.

Our love for other worlds drives our products. From decorative chainmaille to fandom bows, we like to mix geeky elements with magickal vibes.

Please Note: Many of our items are short-run or one-of-a-kind – it depends on the availability of supplies. Due to the nature of our traveling business, it’s hard to keep our online store well-stocked. If you see something at an event, but not here on the site, please feel free to message us.

If you are a convention or craft fair organizer, we have a portfolio page to make viewing our selection easier: Click For Gallery Page. However, you are still welcomed to look around our site. Please note, however, that we tailor our stock depending on the event. Thank You for your consideration!