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Greetings Convetion Chairs and Craft Fair Organizers - below you will find a quick visual summary of our handmade items while our website is under construction.

We are an arts & crafts duo based out Dallas, TX. Alley specializes in decorative chainmaille and makes all her own rings. She adds touches of goth, fantasy and geek to make her pieces. Izzy, a graphic designer by trade, creates the bows and all the art featured on our bottlecaps and buttons. Our items are inspired by other worlds and the magic that surrounds them. Fantastical movies, speculative fiction books, anime, pop culture - we like a little bit of everything and we express it in our art.

Chainmaille Jewelry

Bottlecap Bows & Keychains

Buttons & Bottlecap Pins

Fantasy Charm Bracelets

Steampunk Style